New website: Allstars Insalt

Live today: The new website for Australia’s newest online fishing competition: ALLSTARS INSALT.

Their official media release is below which explains the background better than I – but from a technical standpoint, the website features:

  • A members area where people can register, pay for their annual membership online, and then access certain areas of the website
  • Included in this members-only section is the ability for members to “log their catch” – they can add details of what they caught and where, and upload photos of their catch on a “brag mat”
  • There is also a page where they can retrieve a “secret code” to verify the photos were taken in the correct month
  • The website also features an online store so people can purchase merchandise and a replacement “brag mat” if they lose theirs
  • The leaderboard section features previous winners
  • There is email newsletter functionality built-in so members can be sent updates including the previous month’s results and next month’s secret code.

Mobile first

Given the nature of the website and the audience, we’ve paid particular attention to the mobile and touch-screen experience.

Check out, and their media release below:

One Queensland based family has turned the unfortunate and financially challenging situation of COVID-19 into a new online fishing venture.

During the Queensland lock down and when COVID-19 was at its peak, 20 year old university student Eliza McGuire had to leave her studies on the Gold Coast and moved in with her 22 year old sister Annaliese McGuire in Mackay; because she too had been stood down from her job as a Dental Nurse.  They lived together for several months and had plenty of time on their hands to come up with new and exciting ideas of future income as the world around had turned to virtual means of communication.  

Very quickly an innovative idea struck them as one of the very few activities that could still be legally undertaken was exercise for health benefits and fishing for food on the table.  So, being raised in Gladstone by their keen angler father, and mother who volunteers on the committee of Australia’s biggest family fishing competition, it came to Annaliese and Eliza’s realisation that many other families are in the same boat when it comes to being able to still enjoy these activities in lockdown.

They knew what Australia needed and the solution was an online fishing competition called ALLSTARS INSALT.

ALLSTARS INSALT online fishing competition is an internet based fishing tournament that operates 24/7, 365 days a year for the winning anglers to be awarded monthly, quarterly and annual prizes.  It differentiates from Australian National Sport fishing competitions whereby you need to be a member of a club and compete for a trophy.  It is also not competing with fishing competitions that are physically hosted and open to public attendance.  ALLSTARS INSALT instead  is targeting recreational anglers who don’t wish to fish as a member of a fishing club, or during a fishing competition’s hours/days of participation. ALLSTARS INSALT targets those who go out for the love of fishing at their own leisure and happen to be good at landing those monster fish. 

Annaliese and Eliza were raised in Gladstone so are very aware of the shift rosters and FIFO arrangements people have to live by.  With this online fishing competition, the entrants can fish whenever they feel like and win cash prizes totalling $96,000 along with the accolade. 

ALLSTARS INSALT’s website will launch 1 October, 2020 for Queensland salt water anglers to begin with while the impacts of COVID-19 decrease and borders reopen across Australia. The first year of the fishing competition will run from 1 January to 31 December, 2021. Visit for further details.

The competition is all internet based and is a simple catch and photograph the longest fish in the 18 competition fish species listed on the website.  The winning anglers are promoted on the ALLSTARS INSALT website and social media.  The 18 monthly winners collect $300 each for the longest fish in each of the species.  Then each quarter the longest fish caught for the 3-months go into the draw for $5,000 and then the biggest accolade is the Annual ALLSTARS INSALT longest fish prize of $10,000 for the year; which will be announced each Australia Day – 26th January.

ALLSTARS INSALT  is planned to attract competitive recreational anglers that wish to compete against themselves, keep a record of their catches over time and ultimately receive accolades and notoriety among the other competitors of their angling success.  These recreational anglers are not restricted by timing or affiliation with anything; other than challenging themselves against other likeminded anglers.

All the fish species are based on length by being photographed on the competition’s brag mat with the relevant entrant’s unique code for the month.  ALLSTARS INSALT promotes sustainable fishing and encourages entrant anglers to catch, record data and release healthy fish.

ALLSTARS INSALT has sourced all business services and products from within Queensland; so as they are self-sufficient no matter what happens globally.  The graphic artist and marketing materials are created by Gladstone businesses, the website designer is from Rockhampton, the fishing shirts and brag mats are manufactured on the Gold Coast.  Annaliese and Eliza’s younger teenage twin brothers are even earning their first junior after school income by putting brag mats together to send to entrants.  So it’s future proofing the 4 children’s job opportunities and income while supporting Queensland businesses first.

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