We took our own advice – guess what happened!

If we were advising a client in our situation, we know what we would have recommended. So, we finally did it!

Introducing The Intentional Branding Company! 

Our brand strategy and consulting services now have a new home.

Almost Anything is still here for tactical work – the actual doing of stuff. But if you believe your marketing isn’t working, and want to know why (and what to do about it) then head over to the.intentionalbranding.company and download the free “13 ways to differentiate your business” worksheet.


So, did you ever hear about the plumber who had all the leaky taps at home and the landscaper with all the weeds in their garden?

Yeah, yeah, well, that was us. We haven’t been following our own advice for the last couple of years now, and so we finally decided to bite the bullet and do what we’ve been telling other people to do, for ourselves.

When we started our business 25 years ago this year (!), the name Almost Anything was a really good fit.

We used to say, “We can do almost anything,” and we’ve had some fantastic people with us over that time who helped us make that magic happen.

But in 2019, we made the tough choice to stop doing almost anything and focus on deeper work; brand strategy, consultancy, and workshops being chief among them.

We were reluctant to give up the business name as it was a part of us, it had been around a long time.

But when you have a name that’s known for doing a certain thing, it’s hard to change everybody’s perception of that, it’s hard to reposition a business with a long-established name.

Now, if we were consulting with a client in this situation, we would’ve advised them to either change the name of the business or set up a different business with a new name.

We know that’s the smart move, and this year we finally decided to follow our own advice. So Almost Anything is staying alive and continuing to look after the tactical side of things, any website work, or logo designs, or things of that nature, but the strategic consulting side of things is moving over to The Intentional Branding Company.

So what’s The Intentional Branding Company all about?

If you’re busy doing marketing, you’re busy running Facebook and Instagram, and you’re advertising here or there but you don’t feel like you really getting anywhere, this is for you. To put it simply, we help you with your brand strategy.

Okay, okay, in English. We help you identify who your ideal client is, what’s unique or special about your business in their eyes, not in your eyes, but in their eyes, and why you’re the obvious choice for them.

Once we have those two components sorted, we then map out your customer journey so that you know what marketing you need to be running where, and what you need to be communicating at each stage of that journey.

So instead of just randomly throwing stuff out and hoping for the best, you’ll actually have a strategy, a plan of attack to help you get the results.

If that sounds like you, head over to the.intentionalbranding.company. Yeah, I know I got a bit geeky with the domain name. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There’s a free worksheet there that you can download: 13 ways to help you differentiate your business.

That’s an excellent starting point and will get you thinking about the things you need to be thinking about. Let me know how you get on, and we’ll talk soon.

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