New logo and website for Relaxed Rascals

About Relaxed Rascals

Step into the welcoming world of Relaxed Rascals at It’s the spot where they’re turning baby massages into a total parenting game-changer, no kidding!

At Relaxed Rascals, Jess is all about making sure the little ones are feeling great and helping parents, caregivers, and soon-to-be-parents become pros at baby massage. You can jump into the easygoing group classes or get some one-on-one coaching – totally your call. It’s not just about zen vibes; it’s about creating those heartwarming moments that make the parenting journey even more awesome. So, swing by Relaxed Rascals and let the magic of baby massage add a sprinkle of bliss to your parenting adventure!

The website

The single-page layout of this website is perfect for new businesses, offering simplicity and ease. What sets it apart is its user-friendly design, allowing Jess, the brains behind Relaxed Rascals, to keep things up-to-date hassle-free.

it also features link to Google Calendar’s new appointments feature, saving on additional costs for other 3rd party booking software.

The logo

In a move that echoes their enjoyable, engaging, and gentle brand persona, Relaxed Rascals proudly unveils a fresh logo. Crafted to visually represent the transformative journey from chaos to calm inherent in paediatric massage, the logo maintains a simplicity that speaks volumes. With its tranquil colours and soft curves, it encapsulates the essence of finding serenity amidst life’s commotion. Far more than just a logo, it stands as a visual testament to the peaceful moments awaiting parents in their journey with Relaxed Rascals.

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