New logo and website for Deberi Contract Harvesting

When Jamie Janke took the reins of Deberi Contract Harvesting, he wanted to modernise it, make his customers aware of the change in management as well as emphasise the progression of the business.

The logo

Working with Jamie, we’ve developed a new logo that is relaxed, but still bold. Something that is clean and crisp.

The website

The beauty of the harvest has been captured in photos, and we have a variety of amazing angles and colours.

There are two areas that needed to be addressed: harvesting for clients and sourcing employees for contract harvest work. The information on the site provides a comprehensive overview of the scope of works carried out by Deberi Contract Harvesting. And by using forms, we are able to get a lot of details from prospective employees, including photos that they can send in.

The design of the website is clean and uncluttered, keeping in line with the new direction of the business, and of their new logo.

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