Don’t find us on Facebook – it’s not a search engine

Have you ever seen or heard an ad where somebody says, find us on Facebook or go to Facebook to perform this particular action? But nobody really thinks that through because that’s not what Facebook’s designed for.

Facebook’s all about the news feed. It doesn’t have a very good search engine.

So do this experiment:

Try and find your business on Facebook and then try and find your business via google and your website. And then try and do some specific action by finding your business through Facebook and then finding that action that you want to do, versus doing the same via google and your website. You’ll probably find that doing it via google and your website is way faster and easier than trying to navigate Facebook and make it do something that it’s not designed to do.

Context is everything. Make sure you try and perform the action that you’re asking from the point of view of the customer.

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