Do the opposite

Let’s say you’re about to get a website designed. One of the earliest things you might do (or be asked to do) is look at other websites and make a list of ones you like.

You’re about to enter a dangerous sameness hole — a feedback loop of genericness.

Because here’s what often happens:

  1. You’ll look at your competition (or other sites within your industry, at least)
  2. You’ll list your favourite ones, often without actually noting what specifically about them you like
  3. You’ll pass these on to your web designer for reference, who then might make something similar to these

Did you spot the problem here?

You’re asking your website designer to build a website that’s pretty much the same as your competitors.

How is this supposed to make it easy for people to choose you?


  1. Look at websites of competitors, alternatives and similar-ish choices
  2. Make notes about why you’re different
  3. Make notes about how you believe your website will be better
  4. And finally, do this thought experiment: Ask, “What if I did the opposite of what everyone else in my industry is doing?”

Now we’re starting to think along the right path!

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