Website Launch – “The Box” Anzac Archive

This website was inspired by a simple wooden box that had been stored beneath a bed for years.

A simple box destined for the dump, but instead was opened to discover a collection of nearly 300 items of World War One memorabilia relating to the lives of two men who served our country.

Most of the items were lovingly sent home to family during battle and serve as a reminder of the powerful sacrifices made.

The family decided the contents of The Box should be preserved. The Box was taken to Emmaus College as it served as an invaluable material for history and other studies.

The school were successful in obtaining an ANZAC grant to allow the material to be catalogued and commissioned a website in order to use the materials for history and other studies.

View the website here:

“The Box” and its contents has been donated to the Queensland State Library for preservation for future generations.

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