Authority-Building Social Media

Is coming up with stuff to post on social media a hassle?

Content is a key component in marketing your business, but knowing what content to publish can be a real headache.

What do you say? When? How?

And then there’s the fact that social media posts have such short lifespans. All that effort and a few days later it’s like yesterday’s newspaper.

You can’t wrap fish and chips on it, but you know what I mean.

Instead of being yesterday’s fish and chips wrapper, let’s focus on positioning your brand for tomorrow.

Let’s skip the fluff and make solid,
useful content that will work for you in the long term

Our standard authority-building package includes:

  • 1 x 2-hour video shoot
  • 1 full length edited YouTube video (can also be posted to LinkedIn)
  • Up to 2 shorter Reels edited from the same footage, captioned, and posted to Instagram & Facebook. These are also posted to YouTube as Shorts and to LinkedIn in a square video format.
  • 1 blog post on your website
  • 1 Google Business post
  • 1 email newsletter

$1650 per month

Share your views and experience to position yourself in the minds of your clients
Publish guides that help clients buy from you!

Instead of just random posting, let’s take a smarter approach and take care of your content with a strategic mindset.

Much more than just fluffy social posts – we’ll write website content (as blog posts) based on each video so Google can find it. We’ll prepare email newsletters for those that don’t see you on social media. We’ll upload it to YouTube so it’s still getting views years down the track.

What kinds of things can we cover?

  • Product demos and comparisons
  • How-to videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Thought leadership and opinion pieces
  • Buying guides
  • Q&A videos (Like FAQs)

This more long-term approach provides you with planned and intentional social media posts and covers these other bases.

Stuff you should know

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