Are you measuring social media engagement?

Perhaps, don’t bother.

A new benchmark report from RivalIQ shows just how bad social media engagement is.

But when you think about your own behaviour, is that really surprising?

You might scroll a lot and occasionally stop to read/watch something, but how often do you bother to like/comment/share?

Facebook median engagement is almost too low to count

Perhaps we’re all being a bit too ambitious here; expecting behaviour from our users that we don’t even exhibit ourselves.

So, should we just throw in the towel? Well, no. There are still plenty of eyeballs there. Perhaps we’re just measuring the wrong thing.

Traditional TV, radio and newspaper advertising was all about reach and brand awareness. When the internet came along everyone (including me) was spruiking the additional accountability and “being able to measure everything”. And that’s true, but what we haven’t taken into account is basic human behaviour. Once the novelty of a new platform wears off, media consumption is a pretty passive experience.

Scroll. Scroll a bit more. Maybe watch that thing that just caught your eye, Scroll some more. Sound familiar?

Take a look at why you’re posting on social media in the first place. Do your expectations line up with reality?

If “getting your name out there” (otherwise known as brand awareness) is your goal, perhaps reach is a better thing to measure than engagement anyway.

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