We’re making content for AppleTV+

The Almost Anything team are to create and star in a collection of shows for the newly announced AppleTV+ service.

Revealed in a keynote presentation on Tuesday morning, TV+ is Apple’s answer to Netflix and plans to deliver a wide range of original content.

The Almost Anything team will join the ranks of content creators such as Steven Speilberg, JJ Abrams and Oprah Winfrey.

Similar to the Apple Keynote presentation, we don’t have any footage of the shows (currently in production) to present here. However, below is a description of what you can expect:

Jason & Yolinda’s Thermo-Mega-Mix

Leading the team’s content offering is Almost Anything’s owner-operators Jason & Yolinda Foss, with a show combining their passions. Yolinda will demonstrate a number of tasty Thermomix recipes accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack provided by vinyl lover Jason. Make jam and jam out with the Foss’s in this 12 episode series.

Australia’s Next Top (Scale) Model

Narrated by Almost Anything Signwriter (and scale model club officinardo) Chris Schumann, this documentary lifts the curtain on the cut-throat world of model makers on the quest to become Australia’s best scale modeller. This “warts and all” presentation will showcase the “paint thinner smelling” highs and the “oh my god I’ve just glued my fingers to the cat” lows of this tiny world, in all it’s intricate, perfectly to scale detail.

Beno’s Soccer Magic Gathering

Almost Anything’s Graphic Designer Ben Ulcoq presents a new gameshow fusing his passion for soccer with his love of the card game “Magic: The Gathering”. Each week, two competing teams will play the Magic: The Gathering card game with key decisions and tie-breaks settled by penalty shootout and other soccer related challenges. Competitors will need to be wizards both on and off the pitch.

The Whinging Pom Review with Stu

Creative Director, import pom and “chief whinger” Stuart Harcourt, presents a 24 episode review show where nothing is off limits and everything can be both whinged about and compared to things back in Britain.

In the first series Stuart reviews:

  • Australia – oh my god it’s hot, is anyone else feeling this heat?
  • Coffee & cake – Tea & scones is just better [fact].
  • Echidnas – just fat hedgehogs and not as cute?

More to come

Other shows in development include:

  • Rachel: on a Knife’s Edge– Client Liaison Officer – Rachel Hawker – reviews kitchen chopping utensils with scores calculated on how many watermelons they can butcher in 2 minutes.
  • Beau’s Curry Code Club – Almost Anything’s programmer – Beau Smyth – serves up a wide range of curry dishes, all selected using an AI algorithm and presented on a bed of rice with a javascript dip.

Look for the Almost Anything Channel when AppleTV+ launches later this year.

Just in-case you hadn’t already worked this out – Happy April Fools day. Almost Anything is no way connected to, endorsed by or affliate​d with Apple Inc in any form. Apple Inc and AppleTV+ are registered Trademarks of the Apple Inc Corporation. This story is purely for fun and does not represent upcoming shows on AppleTV+. For more details on AppleTV+ visit: https://www.apple.com/apple-tv-plus/
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