Website Hosting & Maintenance

In the past, just hosting (or paying rent) was enough to keep your website online. However, a combination of more dynamically driven websites and hackers around the globe trying to access your site means that we need to be more proactive with security and software updates.

Download speed is also a major consideration for both Google and visitors to your website, so cheap hosting plans just don’t stack up anymore.

We offer 3 plans to choose from:

Specialised WordPress hosting for speed and security
  • ✓ Specialised WordPress hosting environment, designed for download speed and security
  • ✓ Nightly backups
  • ✓ SSL certificate
Additional support to stay ahead of issues
  • Everything in the Bronze package, with:
  • ✓ Software updates (plugins and WordPress core files)
  • ✓ Monthly SEO and Google ranking reports
  • ✓ 24/7 access to video tutorials on how to edit & update your website
For those who want to
be more proactive
  • Everything in the Silver package, with:
  • ✓ 24-hour uptime monitoring
  • ✓ Monthly review of your Google rankings and Google Analytics report, including a list of action items for attention. This review is a video and it’s emailed to you so you can watch it when convenient
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