Social Media and Content Marketing

What’s the value to your business of a like on Facebook? A follower on Instagram?

How do you get the best outcomes from all your efforts?

Define your objectives

We see lots of small businesses getting carried away with numbers and stats that don’t necessarily translate to the bottom line.

A strategic approach helps you weed out the activities that don’t matter and focus on those that do.

Ultimately though, your social media posts are part of a thing known as Content Marketing.

Why Should I Use Content Marketing?

Content Marketing (or Inbound Marketing) differs from traditional advertising in a few important ways:

  • Instead of interrupting what people are doing to advertise to them (as happens via TV, radio and press) you become the centre of their attention. You effectively become the TV show/radio program/newspaper article they are seeking out what you do.
  • You draw people in who actually care about your solution to their problem (hence the term inbound) instead of shouting at the masses – most of whom don’t care.
  • You position yourself as an expert.
  • You attract qualified leads and enquiries, as people who have read/seen/heard your content get an understanding of what you offer and the way you work.

However, you can’t just buy attention – you need to earn it.

We Have Changed the Way We Buy

In some cases, Content Marketing can replace other forms of marketing you may currently be engaged in. In other cases, you may still need to stimulate demand via traditional methods. It’s important to remember though that the way we make buying choices has changed.

When people go online to find whatever it is they are looking for – your Content Marketing can be the difference.

Are you going to wait for your competition to take the lead?

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