Use your marketing skills to find new staff

Just about everyone is chasing staff at the moment.

And from what I hear, the old methods don’t seem to be working anymore.

So, try this: imagine your prospective staff like you would a prospective customer. Why should they choose you? How can you communicate that with them?

If you’re just listing your positions vacant like you always used to, it might be time to think about how to position yourself as an employer of choice.


Are you having a hard time finding new staff at the moment? A lot of businesses are at this point in time, and perhaps there’s a different approach that you can take to make your life a little bit easier. Let’s have a look at that today.

G’day. I’m Jason Foss.

So today, we’re going to look at is rethinking your marketing.

So instead of attracting customers, you’re attracting staff. I saw this post on Instagram this morning, a local hairdresser trying something different to try and track down staff. And good on them for having a go and trying something different.

But I see a lot of people when they’re advertising for staff: It’s really just… Is “boring” the right word? It’s a bit. “matter of fact”, you know, we have this position, job description, whatever the case may be. And that’s a bit like just putting a product listing on your website in a very matter of fact way. “We have this product. Here’s how much it is. A bit of a description.”

If you’re not making it appealing or desirable in some way, you’re possibly leaving some sales behind.

So if you think about grabbing some staff (grabbing some staff? )… About hiring or recruiting staff in the same way, rather than just listing the vacancy, you need to market yourselves as a desirable place to work.

A lot of people will have a section on their website with “employment” or “careers”, or “work with us” or something else like that. And it tends to be just the listing of positions vacant. Instead, think of what’s it like to work with you? Why do you have a great work environment? Why do you offer better conditions than your competition? Why should somebody come and work for you instead of working somewhere else?

Think about attracting staff in the same way as you might attract customers.

You don’t just list a product. You need to talk about the benefits of yours, especially when you’re differentiating yourself from alternatives or your competition. So if you start thinking about recruitment the same way, try and attract the right kind of staff in the same way as you might go thinking about attracting the right kind of customer.

Who are they? Why should they choose you to work for instead of somebody else – and talk about that rather than just listing the position vacant. And when you talk about it – you know the section on your website that deals with careers or employment or job opportunities – you need to ramp that up a little bit.

So it’s not just a list of positions vacant things you post on social media, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, wherever. Position yourself as an employer of choice – as a great place to work rather than just list a position vacant.

That’s obviously not gonna be a magical solution.

But if you’re not, if you’re not doubling down on marketing yourself to a potential employee as the desirable place to work, as the obvious choice of somewhere we would want to work, then you know that’s something to think about.

I don’t think Google have any trouble recruiting staff members.

And you know, we’ve all heard the stories, no doubt of all of the goodies that go on at Google’s head office in terms of the working environment and the perks and that kind of stuff. And, you know, obviously we can’t all go quite that far. But if things are tight, and staff is hard to get, then you’ve got to think about a bit more than just putting a position vacant ad out and offering a salary and not getting anywhere.

So there’s some food for thought today. Have a think about what you’re doing in terms of your marketing, whether it’s also designed to attract staff.
That’s it for today. I’m Jason Foss. Thanks for watching.

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