The end of spam?

A recent story reported in Australian IT reveals that Queensland University has developed a firewall that stops spam. The story explains:

“The filters are fighting a losing battle because by default they will let everything through and must be told to block what you don’t want.”

One of the biggest dangers with conventional spam filters is that they could easily block legitimate email if it happens to score enough “points” to be blocked. But with this new spam firewall:

“We recently completed a successful trial of a key layer of the spam firewall and it processed the emails at 90 messages per second, misclassifying only one out of 25,000 emails,” he said.

“We are hoping to go for better than one in 100,000, if not more.”

The university is hoping to have a product on the market within six months of finding some funding, and make this rather bold statement:

“If it is as good as it has been in the lab, it will put an end to spam.”

Could it be true? An end to spam?

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