Sending Email Newsletters via Google Docs and Mailchimp’s Merge

MailChimp's Merge

A new feature was added to Google Docs recently known Add-Ons. The allows the functionality currently available in Google Docs and Sheets to be extended by 3rd parties. One of the most useful we’ve seen recently is Merge by MailChimp.

What is it?

merge-screenshot-4-672x420Put simply: Merge allows you to send email newsletters to your clients. It has some limitations, but if you have a small database or are just starting out, this might be perfect for you. Once installed, all you need to do is:

  1. Add your database to a Google Sheet
  2. Design your email in a Google Doc
  3. Wave your new magic wand using the Merge Add-On
  4. Give yourself a high five!


“How do I get my hands on this?” you may ask.

Much of this is DIY, but if you need a hand with any of the setup we are of course here to help!

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