Rural Property Services: Under The Hood

Rural Property ServicesSometimes a website redesign is less about what you can see, and more about what you can’t.

If you’ve visited Rural Property Services lately you might have noticed a slight change to the design. Not a complete redesign, more a bit of a “tweak”.

More important that the minor graphic changes, is the work we did “under the hood”. The code has been completely rebuilt using what’s called a “tableless” layout. In English, this means the following:

  1. The page size is smaller, so it will download faster
  2. It will be easier to update, so that brings maintenance costs down
  3. Search engines have less code to wade through, which should improve ranking
  4. The website is more future-compatible


You might have seen ads on TV for “Internet Refridgerators”. Don’t laugh – these sort of appliances are coming. Given the speed at which Australians take up new technology, within a few years they will be far more common. So it’s important to create websites now that are ready for viewing on things other than traditional computers.

Traditional methods of website design tend to focus on working on computers with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. That’s fine for now, but eventually this sort of website will need to be rebuilt. All of our websites (since late last year) are built using these newer methods.

It doesn’t cost any more now, but it will save you money later!

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