Round 2 of the Business Basics Grants Program Opens Soon

Operating a business in regional Queensland? You could be eligible for the new round of the Business Basics Grant! Details have just been released, and applications open on 8 September – so now is the time to start getting things ready.

It covers activities including:

  1. Strategic marketing services
  2. Training and coaching
  3. Website build or upgrades
  4. Professional business advice
  5. Business continuity and succession

As it turns out, we can help you with 3 of these. As Meatloaf almost said, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad!

Do you feel like you’re on the marketing treadmill – throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks?

We’ve seen this a lot over the years – you’re not alone. More often than not, it comes down to the lack of a clear strategy (or not even having one in the first place!)

Don’t get me wrong – experimentation is good. Essential, even. But a good strategy can help separate opportunities from distractions.

Not every marketing activity is a good fit for your industry, your business, or even you.

Rather than just “doing stuff”, a clear brand strategy can point you in the direction of the “right stuff”.

Strategic marketing services

From the guidelines:

  • Strategic marketing plans including search engine optimisation advice

Our Brand Strategy Workshops are ideally suited to this.

Training and coaching

From the guidelines, this includes:

  • Business development, marketing, human resources or business planning topics
  • Training or coaching

If you’re looking for details on how we can help build your marketing skills, details are here.

Website build or upgrades

Again, from the guidelines:

  • Website build or upgrade (including website refresh)
  • Adding e-commerce
  • Developing new website content

We’ve been building websites since 1997 and so have plenty of experience in this area. More info here.

Get a custom proposal

You’ll need a custom proposal for your grant application, so we’ll need to gave a chat to determine how and where can provide the best value for you here. In other words, which pieces of the puzzle are the best fit.

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