Official Google Partners

aa-google-partner-new_01This week we achieved something we’re particularly proud of: adding to our existing Google Apps for Work partner status, we achieved Google Partner status for Search Engine Marketing. It’s been a lot of work:

  • 6 full days in Brisbane at Google training events
  • 4 hours of exam time
  • And a whole bunch of hours studying and putting what we’ve learned into practice!

What does this mean for you?

If you’re looking to fix your visibility in Google, you can now talk to a local and get advice on how to get the outcomes you’re looking for.

We can then manage your Google rankings on an ongoing basis to make sure you get the best value – and that you don’t slip off the radar.

We also have access to a special offer that’s only available to Partners:

Spend $50 on AdWords and get a $150 credit to your account.

(You can’t get that from just anyone either…)

Need a boost in Google? Now you know who to talk to!

Find out more about how it works

Contact us for more information

PS – in case you were wondering – we’re the only ones for about 600km!

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