New Logo: Convergenius

Convergenius is a business consultancy firm consisting of 3 men who are specialists in their particular fields of business management – hence the ‘convergence of genius’. The name is also descriptive of type of work that they do, in that they create strategies that enable business processes to easily converge and therefore form pathways towards achieving company goals.

The Brief

Create a logo so that Convergenius would not only be read as a single word, but so that the words converge and genius would also be easily perceived. In addition the client suggested that a graphical representation of some sort be used to convey ‘many pieces forming a whole’

The Design

Our solution was to create a text based logo, which used the ‘g’ (within the centre of the word) to act as the graphical representation of ‘many pieces forming a whole’. Using the ‘g’ in this manner also helped to break up the word so that it could be read as the client intended.

In addition, in consultation with the client, we developed the slogan ‘we fix hard problems at work’. The addition of this slogan is not only a description (delivered in plain speak) of the type of work that Convergenius do, it is also the verbal representation
of what this 3-man team strives for as their ultimate objective.

The Outcome

A simple and corporate- looking logo with a unique twist

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