Know Your Customer Workshop

Would you like to know who your ideal customer is – and how to reach them?

Imagine understanding how to reach your ideal customer, and knowing what to say to them!

With our Know Your Customer Workshop you’ll learn:

  1. What branding actually is, and why it’s important
  2. Who does your business really serve? (Answer: it’s not everyone!)
  3. What do your ideal customers actually care about?
  4. Where is the best place to reach them, and what marketing tactics are probably a waste of time?

How does it work?

  1. We’ll book in a session (conducted over Zoom) – you’ll need to set aside around 3 hours for this
  2. We’ll ask lots of questions and challenge your assumptions
  3. We’ll run through our proprietary spreadsheet we call the Strategic Fit Matrix – and build out your marketing roadmap.
  4. We’ll also email you customer persona profiles in PDF format so you can print them, hang them in your office, and refer to them before making any product/service/marketing decisions.

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