Make sure Google knows when your business is open!

With some public holidays coming up – make sure Google’s knows when you’ll be open and when you’ll be closed.


There’s a few public holidays coming up in Australia over the next few weeks and it may well be that your customers are hopping onto Google to see if you are open or not.

How can we make sure that Google’s up to date?

Let’s have a look at that now.

Hi there, I’m Jason Foss.

What we’re gonna have a look at now is how to update your opening hours in Google so they’ll properly reflect whether you’re open or closed on any of the public holidays that are coming up whether it be Easter or Anzac Day or Labor Day in May coming up as well soon now.

Now where these things show up in results, I’m looking at the desktop example here, so, you can see here that it says, that you know, we’re open at the moment and close at 5pm.

But you well have seen these before where it says closing soon or that they are closed and they reopen on Monday at eight or whatever the case my be.

So what we’re gonna do is update your details in Google so that it knows what’s going on here in terms of when you’re open.

Alright so, to do that we need to have a look at your Google My Business page and we get to that by going, should be able to log into there with your Google account, whether it be a Gmail account or a G Suite account or another account that you use to access Google services.

So head to, log in and you’ll see a dashboard screen a bit like this.

We’re gonna head straight to info and once info loads, we’re gonna scroll down and we can see here, there’s our regular trading hours there but also in here the days that we’re closed.

So I’m gonna click the pen and scroll down past all of these. And we can see that Google here’s been smart enough to suggest some already, so on Good Friday we are not open, Sunday we’re not, Monday we’re not, Anzac Day we are also not open and Labor Day we are also not open.

You can also click this and add any custom dates that might be exceptions to your normal trading hours as well.

Any other days that you may be closed or not available. So that’s all I need to do for us at this point in time so I’m gonna click apply.

Those dates have been updated and so when the time comes, during any of those days, and people happen to, you know, to fire up Google and see whether we’re open or not, Google will properly reflect the fact that we’re closed on those days.

That’s all there is to it.

Remember to do this for any public holidays that you’ve got coming up. It could be you know as in far in advance as Christmas if you wanna mark those ones as well but you can jump in and edit these things with your Google account at any time.

That’s it from me today, thanks for watching.

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