Keep Pace With Your Customer’s Expectations

We watched all the Planet of the Apes movies recently, but in “timeline” order. So that meant watching the 3 most recently made moves first, which were set before the original Charlton Heston movie.

After switching back to watch the originals made in the late 60s and early 70s, something became very apparent: our expectations have changed. What was once great is now a bit, well, dated.

The competitive environment we’re now operating in moves a bit faster, and technology and the digital space moves faster still.

Was what you were doing a couple of years ago still meeting your customers’ expectations? Or is your industry moving on and leaving you behind?

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My rough outline

  • The one constant is change
    • Planet of the apes
    • Shopping centre revamps
    • Motels offering wifi
    • TV – game of thrones and the mandalorian
      • Interestingly, not relying on advertising to support them
    • Yours isn’t the only business they deal with
  • Check out your competition
    • It’s who Google says they are
    • What are they offering?
    • What do they “look” like?
    • Is the experience smooth or clunky?
    • If you were none the wiser, who would you choose?
    • Where do you fall short?
  • Make a plan
    • Where do you need to lift your game?
    • You probably don’t want to just equal them, otherwise you’ll always be playing catch up
    • How do you leapfrog them?
    • What does your customer want? What to they expect?
    • Remember – what they expected last year might not be good enough today

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