Custom Designed Greetings Cards

With Christmas and Silly Season fast approaching why not show your customers how much they have meant to you this year with a personalised custom designed greetings card!

Over the years we have received feedback from clients that their customers prefer to receive printed cards rather than email or e-cards from their suppliers. An email can be seen as “just being part of a list” or having little value (plus it’s difficult to display an email on your desk!)

A nicely printed card shows you’ve taken the time to actually consider sending something, especially if it’s personalised for them. It’s also nice to get something other than bills in the post!

Tailor-made designs, printed in-house:

  • Choose, supply or have our designers create your own cover image
  • Printed on our finest quality paper stock
  • Gloss and matt finish options
  • Full colour edge-to-edge printing, so no ugly white borders
  • Supply signatures for the inside and we’ll scan them – no more wrist ache from signing hundreds of cards!

Personalised for added impact…

With Almost Anything’s variable data printing you can personalise just about every aspect of the card.

For example, you could:

  • Add the persons name to the front of the card
  • Create a custom message for each card – perfect for sending lots of cards to the same business – make everyone feel unique!
  • Add signatures from different departments or exclude those that aren’t relevant to the person you are sending to.
  • Add their logo to the card

The possibilities are endless with our variable data printing, and what’s more because we do everything in-house, it’s cost effective too! Contact us today for a quote »

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