Add gift card functionality to your website with Gift Up

Easily add gift card functionality to your website with Gift Up – a service that basically does all the work for you.

And – right now they are waiving their usual transaction fee for sales volumes up to $8000!


G’day everyone. I’ve seen a few posts around the place in certain industries that are encouraging people to buy gift vouchers now and spend them later on. If you’re in one of those industries where that’s a bit of a trend, there’s a really simple way to add the ability to purchase gift cards to your website.

So let’s have a look at that now. My name’s Jason Foss. I stumbled across an article on this web site the other day on with a really simple way to add gift vouchers or gift cards to your website.

So the example I’m using here is WordPress, but the method we’re using can be used in Shopify and other platforms as well. But the examples & the screenshots we’re gonna look at here specifically around WordPress. So, first of all, we come down through here, he’s using third party platform called gift up to do it, which because they’re doing all the heavy lifting that makes it a lot simpler to actually do.

And I noticed over here when you get to sign up for a Gift Up account, they’re actually offering a promo at the moment. So uses promo code COVID-19. Basically, they’re waving their usual 3. 49% fee for the 1st $8000 of gift card sales.

Now, $8000 is a pretty generous limit. I would think that most small businesses in the area are going to struggle to sell $8000 worth of gift cards in the short term. So it’s effectively removing that fee for the foreseeable future for a lot of people.

So that’s a really good offer at the moment, so you can jump on that there. But basically they have a WordPress plugin. So you sign up for the account, you instal that WordPress plugin, connect your API key – and I’ll link to this article as well so you can follow this in more detail and just basically, it joins all the dots and does it for you. Now in this example, on here, he has got WooCommerce installed already, and so it’s detected that and already joined the dots for him.

But if you don’t, if you’ve just got a standard WordPress instal without WooCommerce, then you’ll be able to skip these steps. Once you get down you can customise the look of your gift cards here, customise the amounts.

There’s a few different styles and templates you can choose from. The default artwork there is you know, it’s probably fine a lot of times, but you can customise that if you need to. A few questions answered there and basically it adds the checkout and everything to your website in a few steps. Shouldn’t take you too long at all.

The beauty is that the e-commerce side of it, the payment gateway. All that sort of thing is looked after by gift up themselves. So you don’t have to worry about really doing anything on your website.

If you don’t really have WooCommerce or e-commerce set up, this will just take care of the checkout process and everything for you. You’ll be up and running in a pretty short space of time.

I’ll link to the original article here on, either above or below this video, depending on where you’re watching, it so follow through the steps there.

Its’s a pretty straightforward process and that way you can direct people to your website to purchase gift cards there, and especially with this offer now that gift up are doing waving that fee makes it even more of a no brainer thing to do. Alright, that’s it for me today.

Thanks for watching. I’ll talk to you next time.

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