$2,500 to eligible companies to develop professional audio-visual content to promote their business

Media Release from the Qld Government:

The Queensland Government and METS Ignited are proud to announce the launch of the Queensland METS Audio Visual Production Program.

Queensland METS (Mining equipment, technology and services) companies have a long history of developing innovative products and services that are used around the world. 

Today’s increasingly competitive business environment means METS companies need to work harder than ever to promote their capabilities in order to maintain current customers and secure new ones.

METS Ignited and the Queensland Government are supporting Queensland METS companies to better promote their long history of innovation and current capabilities, providing matched funding for Queensland METS companies to engage an audio-visual production company to prepare professional videos that highlight:

  1. past successes and track record;
  2. current capabilities; and
  3. future direction.

If you have an interest in taking advantage of matched funding to develop professional AV promotional materials for your business then please complete the application form attached and send to proposals@metsignited.org.

Applications are open now and close 27 February 2019.

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