Update your holiday trading hours in Google

Google MyBusiness lets you update your opening hours, making it simple for people to see when you are open for business. Here’s how to update your trading hours for public holidays.


Hey guys Jason Foss here.

We’ve got a few public holidays coming up. Easter is just around the corner, Anzac Day not long after that, so it’s a good time to update Google with the hours will be open and closed over those public holidays.

Now where it appears in Google (at least on a laptop screen) – if you search for your business name you’ll see an area down the right-hand side here where it will tell you when you open and closed.

On a mobile the layout little bit different but he still get the same details top of the screen.

If somebody is searching for your business name, let them know when you’re when you going to be open.

So how to do that is we go to google.com/business, log in there and you’ll be presented with a screen similar to this and actually got a notification on the right-hand side here about some upcoming holidays. So I’m just gonna scroll down a bit (I’ve got a few accounts), “manage location”.

Now from this screen if I come over here to “info” and from there I can scroll down. Here’s our regular trading hours plus some specific dates here that we’re going to be closed. So if I click the pencil there to edit that… I’m just going to do a bit of housekeeping here and get rid of these historical dates – we don’t need that… Actually, Google has been good enough to suggest this so confirm as Good Friday we are closed, Easter Sunday closed, Easter Monday closed, Anzac Day closed as well.

Now if you do have to be open on these days you can specify that, so if anybody is searching they can see you that you’re open, or closed as the day may be.

So once I have added those in I can click “apply” and we’ve got these future dates there we’ve marked as closed. So at that point in time now if people are searching for us on any of those days it’ll be marked as closed and the opening time specified there will be the following day, or the next day they were open.

So that’s all, pretty simple job to do but it’s just an extra way to provide good customer service and letting people know when you get to be open and closed.

Don’t forget while you doing this it’s also a good idea to update those details on the “contact us” page on your website as well.

That’s it for today, see you next time!

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