Why you should put pricing details on your website

When discussing content for website, most clients I speak with are quite reluctant to put pricing details on their website. (Except those doing e-commerce of course!)

Why is this the case?

  • Are you concerned about your competitors finding out? (Trust me, if they want to find out about your pricing they will, whether it’s on your website of not.)
  • Are you embarrassed by your pricing? (If you are, there’s a whole separate issue we need to discuss.)
  • Is your pricing “complicated”?

Whatever your reasoning, the bottom line is this: Your prospects want to know how much it costs. Sooner or later (usually sooner) they are going to ask the question. So why not address it on your website?

5 Reasons:

  1. The power of search engine optimisation
  2. Not every prospect or lead is a good fit for your business
  3. You’re going to have to answer the question anyway
  4. If you’re embarrassed to talk about your pricing, how do you think your customers feel?
  5. You will gain incredible respect and appreciation from your customers

Don’t believe me? Read more here.

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