Internet Explorer Concerns

There’s been a lot said recently about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. A lot of it is Microsoft-bashing, but maybe there’s a good reason to think about alternative browsers.

Now, right from the start, let me make one thing clear. I like using Internet Explorer. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to it, but I like the look and feel, and never really wanted to change.

A recent article in Australian IT has made me think a bit harder about the subject, though. The article deals with popup windows and intercepting passwords you use when you log into your bank. A bit scary. The article advises that keeping your software up to date should solve the problem, but what if you’re a victim before the bug gets found and an update is released? This stuff seems to keep happening to Internet Explorer.

I’ve seen a few articles recently encouraging people to switch to an alternative, but I’ve dismissed most of these as good ole Microsoft bashing… But maybe we should all start thinking about alternatives to the buggy standard offering that comes with Windows.

Well, I have. Visit Mozilla and download Firefox. Use it for a week or so until you get used to it. To do nothing may turn out to be just too risky…

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