Printing calculator home screen

Our own internal printing calculator home screen

iPhone and Android Apps

Mobile phones are almost ubiquitous and and in some cases, there are good reasons for a mobile app.

Why speak with us?

  1. We’ll ask the hard questions. Aside from designing and building your app, we’ll look at the why. Why would someone download it? Why would they keep using it?
  2. We’re experienced in both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. There’s no point in going through the process for just one or the other. We write and deploy to both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.
  3. We’re here. Everything is done in-house, right here in Rockhampton. No outsourcing. No language barriers. Need to sit down with us and scribble on paper or a whiteboard? No problem.

Some examples:

Intranets and Custom Databases

Web and cloud based database systems can help drive business efficiency and are accessible on the move. You’re no longer tied to the office desktop computer.

We can’t show you any examples here as each one has been developed to suit our individual client’s needs, and each client retains the IP (intellectual property) around how they work. However, if you looking for a better way, we should talk!

Meet the team or contact us to arrange an appointment.